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Do nagonki włączyły się media brytyjskie i australijskie, jednak my, Polacy, jak zawsze bronimy swojej Ojczyzny. Przedstawiamy poniżej dwie kolejne interwencje oraz list przesłany przez p. Lidię Sokołowską - Cybart do wszystkich światowych mediów anglojęzycznych.

W Anglii skandal, bo “gazeta” "The Independent" jeszcze przed Marszem nazwała uczestników “faszystami” jako pierwsza!
Wczoraj wystosowałem odpowiedni list po angielsku do ich redaktora, żądając odwołania i przeprosin. Kopie załączyłem do Reduty Dobrego Imienia i do zastępcy Konsula w Londynie. Właścicielami tej “gazety” są Alexander i Evgeny Lebedev z udzialem Sultan Muhammad Abuljadayel.
Krzysztof Jastrzembski
Poniższa informacja została już przekazana przez Autora listu do MSZ i Senatu RP

Letter to the Editor of The Independent

Dear Sir,

I write with reference to your recent articles on Poland’s Independence Day March of 11/11/2017 as below, demanding an immediate public retraction and an apology:

Such articles are a prime example of hate-speech, Polacophobia, Christianophobia and libel. You have grossly insulted the Polish Community, in the UK and world-wide. There is no greater insult to a Pole than to be called a “fascist”.

You appear to be totally ignorant of Polish history and the reasons for such a March. Poland did not exist for 123 years prior to 11 November 1918 due to partitions by the Russian Empire, the Kingdom of Prussia and Habsburg Austria, and regained independence on that day.

On 1st August 1939 Poland was invaded by Hitler’s Nazi army from the West and on the 17 August 1939 by Stalin’s Red Army from the East and once more ceased to exist.

The Polish government moved to London and the Polish Armed Forces were eventually also based in London, fighting alongside the Allies as the fourth largest army. It is said that the Polish pilots in the RAF swung the scales in the Battle of Britain; the Polish Government in Exile paid for the equipment, planes and ammunitions with tons of Polish gold.

Despite this, in 1945 at Yalta, Winston Churchill, Franklin Roosevelt and Joseph Stalin betrayed Poland and de facto made Poland a colony of the USSR. The Polish Army and the Polish Airmen, who fought for “our freedom and yours”, were barred from the Victory Parade, and the Government in Exile was set aside.

Hitler and Stalin both committed genocide – Hitler’s fascists had their Nuremberg but Stalin’s communists did not. It is one of the demands of the Polish youth that war crimes committed by the communists should be tried.

Your newspaper appears to subscribe to Marxist ideology. Please note that the writings of Karl Marx gave rise to 2 major movements: Nazism (National Socialism) in Germany and Communism in Russia. The former was mostly eradicated, the latter spread giving rise to the Cold War. To-date the death toll due to Communism (including China) is in the region of a hundred million people murdered by these communist regimes. Moreover, this ideology has been transformed into the current “political correctness” as espoused by the EU. This was predicted by George Orwell as “doublethink” in his “1984” and leads to a double standard. For instance Islamophobia is a crime but Christianophobia is encouraged.

What do the hundreds of thousands of young people, who participate in Marches, want? They want a free, democratic and sovereign Poland. They want the economy rebuilt after the corruption of the previous regime. And they want to remember their Heroes, who gave their lives for independence.

You have no right to insult them.

Yours sincerely,

Krzysztof Jastrzembski


Sydney, 12 of November 2017

To the attention of the Manager TV SBS 1

in Sydney


Dear Sir/ Madame,

On Sunday (12 of November), during the SBS News (at 6.30PM) your channel emitted information concerning the parade organized in Poland to celebrate the Independence Day (11 of November). Your information was totally misleading and false, because in our country there is no neo-Nazi groups which – as you said – were demonstrating during the parade. A Nazi party never existed in Poland. Polish people always rejected this ideology and we suffered many atrocities inflicted by German Nazis during the occupation (1939-1945). Your other statements were also untruthful as there is no ultra-national organization in Poland. Only the National Movement which is not numerous and its national sentiment does not exceed a common sense like in other countries. During centuries Poland has always been an open Kingdom receiving and tolerating many minorities (e.g. Germans, Armenians, Ruthenians, Italians, some Scottish or Jews who were even given special privileges since 13th century ). Since the Union between Poland and Lithuania (1385) we offered the throne to the Jagellonian dynasty of Lithuanian origin, later Polish nobility gave sometimes the crown to the foreign princes (Hungarian, French, Saxon) – policy not known in other kingdoms. Therefore there’s no xenophobic attitude of Polish people towards foreigners, only now we are sceptical about receiving the undocumented refugees when some terrorists can infiltrate our land. In the past we appreciated Muslim and some troops of mercenary Tatars were serving in Polish army, later they were generously rewarded by kings and given properties. Some of these Tatars were even admitted to the gentry. So, don’t spread that perfidious and untrue propaganda about so called Polish xenophobia. Some banners from the parade were certainly provocative in order to give the political fuel to the radical opposition which later sends the prejudicial comments to the world media. But there is no racism in Poland, we are just cautious about the undocumented migrants who can bring disasters to the country. Instead, we receive many thousands of Ukrainian refugees and we repatriate Polish families from Kazakhstan, deported in 1939/ 40 by Stalin. This is our first duty. On the other hand, refugees from Middle East or Africa prefer to ask asylum in Germany where the social aid is high and in Poland is quite low.

We protest against all these anti-Polish slanders emitted yesterday by TV SBS 1 and we demand the apology concerning these matters.

On behalf of Reduta Dobrego Imienia in Warsaw

Marek Baterowicz


Dear Sirs,

I strongly object to depicting the participants of the Independence Day March - March of Patriots 2017 organized to celebrate ninety-ninth ​anniversary of re-gaining independence by Poland in 1918, as fascists, Nazis, white supremacists, xenophobes or​ anti-Semites. Conflating far-reaching deductions about 60 thousand participants, Poland, its governance and citizens on the basis of some incidents by irresponsible individuals is deplorable; please note that those incidents were instantly, widely condemned and counteracted in Poland by the March organizers, authorities and the Polish public opinion.

​Please check the available records of the March, accurately and professionally presenting the facts (eg.


For a Polish national, a member of the nation most affected by the atrocities of World War II, there is no greater insult than to be called a fascist or Nazi; it would be an extreme display of hate speech. Please note that among those marching and supporting the Polish Independence Day March there were surviving WWII heroes and victims of both German and Soviet perpetrated genocide, elderly people so injured by Nazism and Communism that such insinuation actually may kill ​them in their fragile remaining years​. Please check the reaction of one of them: prof. Witold Kieżun, age 95 available here:

Such media creation of a negative, false image of Polish families, the elderly as well as the younger generations of Polish patriots demonstrating their love of country by participation in the joyful Independence March – Patriots March is so unjust and horrific that all decent people, not only of Polish heritage, must actively oppose. Decidedly, I ​and my family and friends ​will be urging our representatives and all people of good will to support financially and otherwise all victims of such hate speech in starting a class action against those personally and professionally responsible for such suffering.

It is enough to remember that nazism (National Socialism, otherwise referred to as Hitlerism), grew on the basis of fascism and is the inhumane racist and chauvinistic, anti-democratic and anti-semitic ideology of the National Socialist German Workers’ Party (NSDAP).

For your information, the Constitution of the Republic of Poland explicitly forbids the propagation of any totalitarian, fascist, communist or other ideologies formed on hatred and prejudice (Art. 256).

The practices perpetrated by your media’s journalists break basic standards of objective journalism and become their negation; they inspire all the media driven by anti-Polish attitude to construct a false image of some closed Poland, sympathetic to racist, fascist, islamophobic, Jew-baiting, xenophobic, homophobic, totalitarian ideas. This misleads public opinion and programs worldwide audiences and viewers to dislike Poland and Poles, creates negative stereotypes and biases, based on falsehood and hatred. In fact, today’s Poland is a model free, democratic, friendly and safe country, perhaps more so then many other democracies in the world and the Polish are among the peoples least infected with the totalitarian, ideological sting or historically burdened with its consequences.

I suggest viewing the following brief film prepared by the Institute of National Remembrance to re-visit the Polish history and heritage:

Please kindly let me know your reaction as soon as possible.


Best regards,

Lidia Sokołowska-Cybart
t. (Canada) 416.721.4779
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