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Poniżej przedstawiamy kolejne interwencje ws. nagonki zagranicznych mediów na Polskę związanej z Marszem Niepodległości.

Australia - List Marka Baterowicza do redakcji "Daily Telegraph":

To the attention of the Editor


The provocative title ( Nazis’ Twisted War Cry ) precedes your false and arrogant statement: “Poland is battling the rise of a nationalism movement calling for an ethnically pure country with fewer Jews and Muslims.” This one sentence contains many absurdities. First, there were no such calls, only an appeal on considering the infiltration of the terrorists  after the reception of refugees, especially undocumented ones. Second, the banner “White Europe” did not approve the Nazi ideology, it was only a sarcastic warning, cut by your journalist, as the integral motto was: “White Europe or Europe depopulated” , an obvious allusion to the massive killings perpetrated by the djihadists. Third, Poland since the Middle Ages has been a refuge for Jews, persecuted in other countries. They considered even Poland as a paradise for them, princes and kings offered them privileges. It is attested by many sources and many historians ( even Jewish) appreciated the way of life Jews could achieve in Poland. Rare pogroms occurred only in the cities ( as Wroclaw, Poznan, Kalisz, Krakow)  where many Germans lived. So, it is a nonsense imputing to the Poles any anti-Semitism during our history. However, Jews abuse that term and like accusing of anti-Semitic feelings any person formulating some objections towards the remnants of the Communist regime who are of Jewish origin. Unfortunately, in present day Poland ( where decommunisation was not done ) we still face  quite strong milieu of these ex-members of the Communist Party. They are descendants of these Jews who were sent to Poland after 1945 by Stalin in order to implant the Communist regime. They did the most dirty work in that mission, persecuting and killing Poles in the Security Office or  condemning them during the farcical trials in which the biased judges and prosecutors were signing the death sentences. The only “crime” of these Poles was that they did not accept the sovietisation of Poland. We reject this generation descending from the  Communist butchers, the Jewish roots have no importance in that matter. We believe that any criminal activity can’t be explained or defended by having some special genes. Law should be the same for all. So, Polish people are not supporting the xenophobic ideas, but wish to eliminate from the political space all remnants of the Communist state and it doesn’t matter if they were of Jewish origin or not. As the European Union – steered by the leftists – defends the Communist remnants in Poland we have no other choice but to trust in God’s intervention. Ultimately we feel like we are being pushed out from the European Union guided officially by Brussels, however in many instances governed by Berlin.


We see that this aggressive campaign against Poland has been organized by the radical opposition in Poland in cooperation with leftist wing from Brussels which condemned the Warsaw government for “violating” the Constitution when, in fact, our government tries only to reform the corrupted justice system, rotten since 1945 and never reformed after 1989, the official date of the end of Communism.


In conclusion, we protest against your language of hatred , you showed with your report from Warsaw parade, published on “Daily Telegraph” ( 13 of November 2017, page 17) and we expect an apology.


Committee of the Defence of Poland in Australia also on behalf of Reduta Dobrego Imienia in Warsaw


Marek Baterowicz, Ph.D.  

List wysłany prasy australijskiej w odpowiedzi na kłamliwy przekaz dotyczacy Marszu Niepodległości w Polsce:

Dear Editors

As members of the Polish community in Australia we have to strongly protest against the way in which March of Independence, organized in Poland’s capital Warsaw to commemorate the 99th anniversary of regaining nations’ sovereignty, was portrayed in the “Daily Telegraph” newspaper.

We find the title and report extremely misleading. Reading through it the reader might get an impression, that Poland is turning towards Nazi sentiment. It is quite absurd, as Poland was the country which suffered the most during the World War II from the German Nazi regime, its nation being systematically executioned and many cities, including capital Warsaw, totally demolished.

While it is true that some small groups of extremists joined the march and used it to promote their slogans, statement used in your newspaper: “tens of thousands of nationalists marched in a far-right organized rally” is a denial of journalist’s honesty and simply put - a lie. The vast majority of the participants were the common Polish citizens who wanted to commemorate nations’ freedom regained almost a century ago after long years of living under German, Russian and Austrian occupation.

Furthermore, Polish government, including President and Minister of Culture strongly condemned the antics of the few extremists, who disturbed otherwise peaceful event. Hence we believe that getting into conclusion that Poland is battling the rise of nationalism, based on one picture and not digging into actual facts is a major abuse which depicts Poland in very unfair way.

We hope that the true picture of Independence Day celebrations will find its way to the pages of “Daily Telegraph” and such misrepresentations will not take place in the future.

Adam Gajkowski – president of “ Nasza Polonia “ Association
Hubert Blaszczyk – president of Polish Political Prisoners Association
Stanislaw Zak – president of “ Gazeta Polska”  Association
Dr Marek Baterowicz – publicist, poete, writer  -member of Committee for the Defence of Poland
Prof. Andrzej Kozek – member of Committe for the Defence of Poland
Monika Wiench – publicist, member of Committe for the Defence of Poland
Dr Richard Adams – Dzierzba

Ps. For any information regarding this letter please contact:
Hubert Blaszczyk – 47 Jabiru Street, Green Valley 2168
(02) 96070321

Wielka Brytania - sprawa "The Independent":
Zaczynają się procesy o zniesławienie Polaków, którzy brali udział w Marszu Niepodległości I zostali nazwani faszystami i neonazistami. Pierwsza fałszywka wyszła z Londynu 10 Listopada 2017 na dzień przed Marszem. Sprawcy to „The Independent”. Była to gazeta liberalna, która od roku ukazuje się tylko w wydaniu elektronicznym, właściciele od 2010 to Alexander i Evgeny Lebedev z udziałem Sułtan Muhammad Abuljadayel. „The Independent” nie należy do IPSO, czyli Independent Press Standards Organisation, która monitoruje prasę. Tegoż dnia podobny tekst ukazał się w Daily Mail i zaczął się rozchodzić na świat np. Fox News, BBC i do USA. Rezolucja Eorokołchozu przeciw Polsce była powzięta dzięki działalności tego wydawnictwa.

12 listopada na wewnętrznych stronach londyńskich grup wszczęto dyskusje dot. tego wydawnictwa. List poniżej został wysłany 13 Listopada, a 14 listopada sprawa została przekazana do Komendy Głównej Policji w Londynie jak przestępstwo „mowy nienawiści”. Uprzejmie prosimy organizacje przygotowujące postępowania sądowe o uwzględnienie działalności „The Independent”. Wydawnictwo te dalej bezkarnie puszcza oszczerstwa, np.:  

Są i tez dobre kontry, np.:  

Krzysztof Jastrzembski, Londyn, sekretarz, Komitet Obrony Polski - Wielka Brytania

List do redakcji "The Independent":

On 1st September 1939 Poland was invaded by Hitler’s Nazi army from the West and on the 17 September 1939 by Stalin’s Red Army from the East and once more ceased to exist.

The Polish government moved to London and the Polish Armed Forces were eventually also based in London, fighting alongside the Allies as the fourth largest army. It is said that the Polish pilots in the RAF swung the scales in the Battle of Britain; the Polish Government in Exile paid for the equipment, planes and ammunitions with tons of Polish gold.

Despite this, in 1945 at Yalta, Winston Churchill, Franklin Roosevelt and Joseph Stalin betrayed Poland and de facto made Poland a colony of the USSR. The Polish Army and the Polish Airmen, who fought for “our freedom and yours”, were barred from the Victory Parade, and the Government in Exile was set aside.

Hitler and Stalin both committed genocide – Hitler’s fascists had their Nuremberg but Stalin’s communists did not. It is one of the demands of the Polish youth that war crimes committed by the communists should be tried.

Your newspaper appears to subscribe to Marxist ideology. Please note that the writings of Karl Marx gave rise to 2 major movements: Nazism (National Socialism) in Germany and Communism in Russia. The former was mostly eradicated, the latter spread giving rise to the Cold War. To-date the death toll due to Communism (including China) is in the region of a hundred million people murdered by these communist regimes. Moreover, this ideology has been transformed into the current “political correctness” as espoused by the EU. This was predicted by George Orwell as “doublethink” in his “1984” and leads to a double standard. For instance Islamophobia is a crime but Christianophobia is encouraged.

What do the hundreds of thousands of young people, who participate in Marches, want? They want a free, democratic and sovereign Poland. They want the economy rebuilt after the corruption of the previous regime. And they want to remember their Heroes, who gave their lives for independence.

You have no right to insult them.

Yours sincerely,

Krzysztof Jastrzembski, BA OXON

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