Nowy Jork: Marsz Narodów Ujarzmionych - 17 lipca
data:11 lipca 2016     Redaktor: ArekN

W najbliższą niedzielę odbędzie się na Manhattanie Marsz Narodow Ujarzmionych, organizacji w USA, która zrzesza mniejszości pochodzące z krajów byłego Układu Warszawskiego.

W najbliższą niedzielę, 17 lipca, odbędzie się Marsz Narodów Ujarzmionych, czyli mniejszości etnicznych, które podlegały próbom podboju przez komunistyczną Rosję. W sumie, reżim komunistyczny zamordował 140 milionow ludzi w wielu krajach świata.
W niedzielę, 17 lipca, odbędzie się Msza Święta w Katedrze Świętego Patryka na Manhattanie o godzinie 10:15 rano, a po niej, o godzinie 11 przedstawiciele kilkudziesięciu mniejszości etnicznych z krajów podbitych w przeszłości przez sowieckich komunistów rozpoczną Marsz 5 Aleją do 72 Ulicy przy Central Park.
Polską diasporę będzie reprezentowało Stowarzyszenie Solidarni2010 oraz Wspólnota Parafian Polskich-NY. Będziemy rozdawać ulotki w języku angielskim informujące o prawdziwej sytuacji w Polsce, a nie takiej, jaką pokazują wrogie media, a także materaiły przypominające o wkładzie Polaków w ratowanie Żydów.
Organizacja Captive Nations powstała w 1959 roku jako sprzeciw wobec uciemiężenia wielu Narodów na świecie przez reżim komunistyczny. Działa do dzisiaj, ponieważ nie wszystkie Narody wydostały się spod jarzma kominternu, a te, którym się to udało, ciągle żyją pod pręgieżem zdrady - tak jak Polska - i możliwości  powrotu do władzy  PRL-owskich aparatczyków.
Msza święta w Katedrze Swiętego Patryka na Manhattanie zostanie odprawiona w intencji Ofiar komunizmu, za wolność naszych Narodów i za ostateczne pogrzebanie zbrodniczej ideologii.
Podczas Marszu będzie też okazja porozmawiać z Białorusinami przebywającymi na emigracji na temat ostatniej wypowiedzi białoruskiej noblistki na temat "polskiego antysemityzmu".
Wzywamy do udziału Polonię ze Wschodniego Wybrzeża!
Proszę przynieść polskie flagi oraz bannery, w tym informujące o Rzezi Wołyńskiej.    
Witold Rosowski
Stowarzyszenie Solidarni2010 NY
Poniżej treść  listu otwar tego kolportowanego w USA


The international campaign of defamation of Poland, which unfolds recently in mainstream European and American media, campaign aiming to discredit the new Polish, democratically elected government and the President, is very disturbing to the ordinary Polish-American, as it is to me, The victory of PiS, Law and Justice party, which won the October election by landslide majority, only reflects how much Polish people want their country to be reformed, how much change is needed. The Polish society, at polls, gave PiS a strong mandate to proceed with the reforms. The party, which was governing Poland over the last 8 years, PO (Civic Platform), seems not to accept its defeat. In their recent actions they violate all the rules of the democratic society. The most worrisome is incorporating a hate speech in their articles published in mostly German mainstream media, which is ideologically biased towards former government, now in opposition. The one- sided media in Germany spread the plethora of lies against the will of most Polish people. Considering the very difficult history of Polish-German relations, I see it as a highly irresponsible approach. It is very disturbing for Poles to hear from the German speaking politicians comparison of Polish reforms to totalitarianism, fascism or even Stalinism. Such voices deny civilized debate. I am surprised, that in European Parliament, by the speech of the prominent European, mostly German officials, such atrocities are allowed. It really denigrates the Parliament’s dignity and authority. And just to be square on facts: all the reforms proposed by the new government are within the Polish Constitution as well as European laws. All are within European values. The street protests that recently happened in Poland and the anti-government campaign in Polish media shows that democracy in Poland is thriving. There is no beating protesters as happened repeatedly under PO rule, there is no eves-dropping on journalists as happened during 8 years of PO, there is no mass firing of journalists critical of the government( 500 journalists were fired after PO took power in 2007). There is no mysterious deaths of prominent opposition figures (200 suspicious suicides), Calling for overthrowing the new government by former party at power, PO and its allies in German press can only add to unrest in the whole Europe and, consequently, provoke some kind of crisis of catastrophic proportions. The banners, that protesters hold during their rallies calling for killing of Mr.Jaroslaw Kaczynski and burning his home only shows how little respect for the rule of law the former elites, supported by Germany on one side and Putin on the other, have. In this light I like to remind you of the great responsibility Germany bears in assuring peace in Europe.

As Polish- American, I am asking you, the fellow American, to examine all the facts of proposed reforms and not to give in to the defamation of Polish people. The democracy in Poland is thriving. The human rights and free speech are very well protected, much better then under previous administration. The proposed reforms will only strengthen it. Interestingly, the Law and Justice Party, despite being called names, is really the people’s party. Its ideological program can be described in one sentence: take it from the rich, give it to the poor. Only because it was based on anti-communism Solidarity movement, and represents Christian values like “shall not kill”, it is being called the right wing party. The main points of political program, like financial support for poor families with many children, which were totally abandoned for decades by so called “liberal” PO’s government, installing fair taxes on big, international corporations that killed, with the blessing of PO’s government, small, local businesses, would certainly earn applaud by American public.

All the fuss about the Constitutional Court could be very easily explain. That court was installed in 1982 by the tyrant and murderer general Jaruzelski in the darkest time of Martial Law and its sole purpose was to control and manipulate the judicial system in Poland since the communist junta was not entirely sure that they can rely on Polish judges, prosecutors and the Parliament. So they invented and installed so called Constitutional Court, totally controlled by junta, as an additional institution of oppression and control over Polish society. Now, after reforms, the Court has 15 judges, and 9 of them are from the opposition party, 9 of 15. It seems like the post-communist Civic Platform, despite the defeat, wants it all.

This government is very gentle with the Court, since, in mind of the most polish people, the Court should be dismantled as a relic of communism times. Poland has a developed judicial system with the Highest Court, very similar to the one in the US. Reforming the Constitutional Court is a small step in the direction of the systemic change towards western model of the judiciary. I am not surprised that post-communist elites, the new oligarchs similar to the ones in Russia, the international corporations trying to hold on to their exuberant profits, are crying loud about any change in Poland. But this change is not only inevitable, if Poland was to belong to the Western world, but also should be welcomed by the Western elites. Just society, as certainly Poland was not under 8 years of Civic Platform (PO) rule- as both Parliamentary and Presidential elections show- would assure peace and prosperity in the whole region. It is especially important in times of war in Ukraine in the East and migrant crisis in the West. I just hope, for the sake of millions of people in the region, that Western elites would understand it and support the reforms in Poland.

To our Jewish Brothers:

The Polish –American community of New York, New Jersey, Connecticut, Massachusetts, Pennsylvania, California, Arizona, Florida and Chicago strongly protest the latest defamatory, derogatory, hatred spreading campaign by some Jewish groups, such as that “Poles drink up hatred towards Jews with mother’s milk” or that “Poles killed more Jews then Germans in WWII”. These obvious lies and slander is defamatory and outrageous.

The Jewish community, that itself fights defamation and slander against Jewish people, with great and long history of success in opposing such atrocities, must understand how painful it is for Polish people to hear such nonsense. Especially, after almost a thousand years of mutual support, openness and tolerance. Jews were welcomed to Poland and were granted equal rights by the King Kazimierz the Great in year 1334. At that time all European countries persecuted Jews and allowed for pogroms. Jews became the integral part of Polish society, enjoying all freedoms for centuries. Today, when there are attacks on Jewish papers, arsons and vandalism of synagogues in countries such as France or Germany, Poland has not had any such atrocities for many, many years. In fact, Poland might currently be the safest country for Jews in Europe.

We share a terribly painful history, as both our Nations experienced ethnic cleansing by our neighbors in the past. We both commemorate these events, the fights we put up and the victims. It is a disgrace that our Comrades misery, martyred colleagues turn against each other, as some of the Jewish groups do towards Polish community. “Rewriting” history, spreading unwarranted accusations, manipulating the facts not only alienate our communities, and provoke mutual hatred but also diminishes the guilt of the real perpetrators and upsets the memory of the Holocaust . Polish people will never forget the ethnic cleansing and killing done by the German Nazis and Communist Soviets, as Jewish people should never forget the Holocaust. At the end we not only share a painful history, but we are brothers in faith, brothers in sorrow and martyred colleagues. As brothers in arms, fighting the German Nazis, we fought them hard. During the Warsaw Ghetto uprising, Polish people who supplied food or arms to Jewish Fighters, when caught, were shot on the spot. In cities, towns and villages all over Poland, when found giving shelter, they were executed by machine gun together with the Jews, to whom they provided food and refuge in their homes. It is a shame and a disgrace that now our brothers in sorrow turn against us.

On behalf of Polish-American community in the USA, We are asking you to carefully and properly educate members of the Jewish Community about the genocide of the Poles by the Germans, and the crimes committed on them by the Soviets and to refrain from slander and defamation towards your younger brothers in faith, the Poles.


Witold Rosowski, Chairman of Solidarni2010NY/NJ and Polish-American Parishioners Council of New York

New York, July 12th, 2016

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