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Warsaw, 21st November 2014

Tonight, at the headquarters of the National Electoral Commission, the following persons have been arrested: Mrs. Ewa Stankiewicz - President of Association Solidarni 2010, Mrs. Hanna Dobrowolska - Manager of the web portal, Paweł Hermanowski - member of Association Solidarni 2010 and nine other people: Mr. Grzegorz Braun, Mr. Witold Zielinski, Mr. Jan Pawlicki, Mr. Zenon Nowak, Mr. Marcin Dybowski, Mr. Grzegorz Senatorski, Mr. Rafał Mossakowski, Mr. Tomasz Gzell and Mr. Marcin Bergchauzen.

This event arouses opposition and outrage all the greater as, according to the official position of the police, some of the people entered the building at the invitation of members of the NEC after having participated in the legal demonstration, which took place outside the building on Wiejska Street and the journalists are among the arrested group, including one journalist working for the Association Solidarni2010, while he was performing his duties. We strongly demand their immediate release!
Thousands of people representing many organizations oppose an open and glaring violation of the fundamental principle of democracy - free elections. The authority, which has not been selected in a free and fair election, has no legitimacy to government! The local elections are almost unprecedented scandal, farce, fraud and open manipulation, as there are thousands pieces of evidence confirming it.

Some electoral commissions publicly admitted that they did not count votes accurately; the NEC computer system was hacked into, as a result of the null protection. Therefore it was possible to modify the electoral calculator by any computer expert from the outside; an unprecedented number of invalid votes were registered. Unprecedented scale falsification is also proved by huge differences between the official results and exit poll surveys that never before deviated from the final results by more than 3 percent. Finally, just before the elections, the National Election Commission released a TV spot, which instructed how to cast an invalid vote (placing a cross on each ballot). This is clear evidence of a crime and members of the NEC must bear responsibility for it.

This evidence in more than enough to repeat the local election, however it must be conducted on the basis of a new electoral law, with a full, public scrutiny of their integrity and the change in the composition of NEC, which must include new members with widely recognized authority and independent of the shameful past.

Board of the Association Solidarni 2010:
Jacek Kazimierski
Jadwiga Chmielowska
Natalia Tarczyńska
Grzegorz Kutermankiewicz
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