Smolensk’s Compendium – Table of Contents and Introduction
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We publish a table of contents for the Smolensk’s Compendium. Ultimately, it will consist of five chapters, a total of about 30 texts. Content will be updated with the release of the next part of the "Compendium".
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1 Why to investigate the catastrophe further?

One can often hear the statement that the Smolensk catastrophe is over, everything was explained long ago. Likewise, the issue of assassination is being turned away as something contrary to common sense. In this chapter we face this type of feedback.

1.1 Motive

1.2 Opportunity makes the thief.

1.3 Murder in the eyes of the whole world?


What “Smolensk’s Compendium” is intended to be? Of course, it has no aspiration to be a full set of issues related to the Smolensk catastrophe, because our knowledge of this event is still growing, and such a selection would be too large and not clear enough for most of the readers. However, the word " compendium " means that in some sense it is a comprehensive study - fully justifies all theses raised therein and includes all arguments supporting them.

To whom this compendium is addressed for? It is written "from scratch", in such a way that it can be used by persons not familiar with the subject, or even those who consider the main theses of the " Compendium " to be wrong. Anyhow It would be naive to expect that among such people will be a large group ready to take the time to read this paper. Therefore "Smolensk’s Compendium" is primarily intended to be aimed at those who are already convinced in order to deliver them arguments during discussion with family and friends. This also why "Compendium" is concise and without unnecessary comments.

So the compendium justifies theses about for ex. lies of polish authorities, internal contradictions in the reports of MAK and KBWL and presence of TNT in the plane wreckage, but that does not mean that it describes all of the evidences supporting these theses. However it’s written in such a way that it explains each statement and, where it is necessary indicates concerns and raises questions. Arguments choice is dependent on how important they are, in the same time presenting arguments diversity. Of course it is still subjective choice. Arguments presented in this compendium lead to the inevitable conclusion – at the present stage the most probable cause of the Smolensk catastrophe is assassination.

Prepared by AK

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